[postgis-users] Fwd: constraint violation : enforce_geotype_the_geom

Guillaume LONGUETAUD mister.tefal at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 05:15:10 PDT 2010

Hello, there

I'm quite new to postgis requests and I've got a constraint violation
problem with one of my requests:

create table bati_buff (id serial primary key);

select addgeometrycolumn ('bati_buff', 'the_geom', 27572, 'POLYGON', 2 ) ;

insert into bati_buff (the_geom)

(select bati.the_geom from bati, buffer where intersects (bati.the_geom,
buffer.the_geom) =true ) ;

I have a constraint violation with the relation enforce_geotype_the_geom.

How can I solve it ?

Guillaume Longuetaud
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