[postgis-users] How to import SHP without superuser permission?

Andrea Peri 2007 aperi2007 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 09:39:02 PDT 2010

Even if your account is owner of database.
The owner of the public scheme is "postgres".
Always "postgres" is the owner of the table "geometry_columns" and the "spatial_ref_sys".
Again in the 1.5.x version of postgis always "postgres" is owner of "geography_columns" view.

You must change the ownership of this resorces or give to you account read grants on geometry_columns, spatiali_ref_sys and geography_columns.


>I tried to import SHP files into postGIS. As usual, I use shp2pgsql to create the SQL script, and then I use psql to execute the script.
>The postgreSQL user acccount I use with psql is the owner of the target database. However, it is not superuser.
>When I run psql to execute the script, I got the following error:
>ERROR:  permission denied for relation geometry_columns
>I eventually decided to give superuser permission to the user account. After I gave superuser permission, the script ran without problem.
>Question: why did I got permission denied error? The user account is already the owner of the target database; why can't it import the data. Is there a way to import SHP files into postGIS database without superuser permission?

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