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Not sure what you are asking, but I'll take a stab in the dark.

When you retrieve geometry as SVG what you get back is the contents of a
path attribute node.

So if an SVG path element is written <path d="X"/> the result of the query
is "X", or the value of the 'd' (data) attribute, not an XML element, and
certainly not a valid SVG document.  You have to construct these yourself.

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 12:00 PM, Bob Pawley <rjpawley at shaw.ca> wrote:

>  Hi
> I may be on the wrong list but xml and Delphi guys that know Postgis seem
> to be few and far between.
> I`m using the following to display the binary data on a memo component as
> text.
>  PSQLQUery1.SQL.Add('Select the_geom from p_id.image');
>     PSQLQUery1.SQL.Add ('where p_id.image.p_id_id = ''1534''');
>     PSQLQUery1.Open;
> This works fine.
> When I change it to select AsSvg the xml consider assvg as another node and
> the geometry data does not appear.
>  PSQLQUery1.SQL.Add('Select AsSvg(the_geom) from p_id.image');
>     PSQLQUery1.SQL.Add ('where p_id.image.p_id_id = ''1534''');
>     PSQLQUery1.Open;
> If any one can suggest a possible reason for this behavior It would be
> appreciated.
> Bob
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