[postgis-users] insert to database - error

Robert Buckley robertdbuckley at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 23:19:28 PST 2011



Ubuntu 10.04
postgresql 8.4

I am experiencing the following:

I can edit a postgis database geometry in Quantum GIS but I can´t "insert" into 
a postgis table inserted with shp3pgsql. ( I used the opengeo-suite windows 
version to upload the shp)

my error is here message is here ..


After days of scratching around the forums and reading this...


..I  decided to do the same a make a simple table in postgis  - 1 x "id"  
column  (type - integer, primary key, NotNull) and 1 x "the_geom" column  ( type 
- geometry)

I loaded it into geoserver and was able to start editing immediately!!!!

Is it then something to do with the constraints inserted by shp2pgsql?..( I 
removed all of them one by one and tested the insert, but it still didn´t work)

Possibly do to with the GID column? I ccan´t remove this column without breaking 
the geometry structure.

Idon´t understand what the problem is with the table imported from a shapefile 
using shp2pgsql



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