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I'm not sure if its any value to you, but the PostGIS 2.0 we upgraded the
Tiger geocoder to load in Tiger 2010 data.  We only loaded in the datasets
that were relevant for geocoding, but the system is table driven, so you
could use it to load the other datasets you care about.
The generator is described  here:
Although its pacakged in PostGIS 2.0, it will work in PostGIS 1.5 so you can
still use it if you don't want to try the PostGIS 2.0 SVN (not yet released
version).  In fact for our production use, we've been using it against
PostGIS 1.5.
Hope that helps,
Leo and Regina


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I know this has likely been covered on this list before. So, pardon if this
is redundant, I just signed up. I'm looking for a good tutorial to get the
new 2010 Census data for a state loaded into a PostGIS database, including
all the recent Tiger files and demographic data.

Is there a good one out there?

Eric Aspengren
Data Manager
Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
(402) 478-VOTE
ericaspen at gmail.com

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