[postgis-users] newbie prob: PostgreSQL server will not connect so PostGIS installation fails with dbcreate

Florian Reimer gissolution at gmx.de
Wed Mar 9 01:13:09 PST 2011


thanks for the reply but I do not have a "Start Database" Icon. I think a DB was never yet created as PostGIS Installation fails, because the Server created by pg Admin III can not connect.

Is it correct to use default settings?
Server [localhost]
Database [postgres]
Post [5432]
Username [postgres]

The server does not connect, but in I cant in
postgresql.conf setting is
listen_addresses = '*'         #following help files this should make                            the server listen to all connections...

I think I dont understand the entire "Server" concept of PostgreSQL - what is it good for if I might just want to operate on a single machine?

I cant install PostGIS because during Installation it tries dbcreate, which does not work while PostgreSQL server can not connect...

hints will be appreciated. thanks!

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