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Dave dave.potts at pinan.co.uk
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On 30/05/2011 18:51, Ahmad Aburizaiza wrote:

Perhaps you need to look at something like mapserver or geoserver

Both of these application are used as part of a web server either tomcat 
or apache.  The will connect to postgis and provide access to your table 
as wms/wfs server.

You can use something like openlayers to provide any pretty front end/ 
drawing of shapes etc.
> Hello all,
> I am fairly new to PostGIS and I have to work on a project for my PhD. 
> I hope you can help me. I want to build a web map where the user can 
> select a building or more than one from a layer on top of Google Maps 
> API and the code should create an automatic convex hull from the set 
> of points generated from the selected polygon(s). I am not sure on 
> what to use but I have general ideas and I do not know which is the best :
>     * Do I use Google Maps API and PostGIS without needing a WMS or WFS?
>     * Do I have to use with Google Maps API a WMS or a WFS?
> And if someone has beneficial samples I can use to build the website, 
> I would really appreciate it.
> Thank you in advance.
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