[postgis-users] PostGIS Conceptual and Phisical Modelling

Carlos Andrade carlosviansi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 20:24:43 PDT 2011


I'm new to this list, and am also new to GIS. Me and a few classmates are
currently searching which gis systems are available around, and being
postgres one of the tools we've been learning I was interested on learning
more about PostGIS so we could that take it to work on our undergrad
assignment that deals with geographic data.

I've noticed PostGIS has a very nice documentation page, and it is worldwide
used, but I was unable to find much about conceptual modelling
and physical modelling, I'm not quite sure if it is right to ask if there is
a PostGIS conceptual and physical modelling, but if there is
one preferred by the community or necessary to use PostGIS i'd like to know

I came across this presentation while searching for it:

Is anyone aware where can I find the tool used for this presentation or even
more information about how to model geographic data? I've search the list
here as well but I only found a sugestion about DB Designer, and i'm not
quite sure if that was the tool used on that presentation or if it would be
available for us (we're just students, we can't afford a pay to use tool,
nor it be feasable to buy just for one school assignment).

Thank you for your attention,

Carlos Andrade
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