[postgis-users] A question on ST_RemEdgeModFace usability

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Thu Apr 12 22:37:56 PDT 2012

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 11:23:39PM +0200, Jose Carlos Martinez Llario wrote:
> Just to add that for a normal user to think in primitives is going
> to be kind of difficult. To try to delete an edge or change a
> topogeometry can be very tricky.
> My opinion is that a user should work with topogeometries as if they
> were normal geometries. PostGIS in a transparent way should deal
> with the primitives. I know Im asking too much. Not for now. I
> already happy a lot with persistent topology as it is right now.

Yep, this is the "non-power-user" approach. And I think toTopoGeometry
is helping a lot with that. But of course you'll want to go deeper to
really see the benefits of the topological model.

As Pierre pointed out: why are my TopoGeometry overlapping ?! :)

So next step from a naive user might be using the model to _see_ the
overlaps and gaps and clean them up. But I don't think this "cleaning"
would involve removing edges. Rather I'd see an use for friendly
TopoGeometry editors.

Something like: TopoGeom_{add,rem}{Face,Edge,Node,TopoGeometry} 


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