[postgis-users] make check errors and how to track down

Nick Webb webbn at acm.org
Fri Aug 24 09:54:30 PDT 2012

Hi All,

Perhaps the errors I got are clear to many of you, but I'm fairly new
to PostGIS.  In trying to build 2.0.1, I get the following error
during make check:

regress/copytopology ... failed (diff expected obtained:

Looking at the diff, my environment has a "0" when there should be a
"1" in the output of layer_id_seq (from


Any pointers on how I can trace down the issue with this (i.e. what in
my build is broken or what dependency)?  The only other warnings I get
are due to JPEGs and I've tried a few things to resolve that hoping it
would resolve this, but so far no luck.

Here is a bit more about my environment if it helps:

    PostGIS is now configured for x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

 -------------- Compiler Info -------------
  C compiler:           gcc -g -O2
  C++ compiler:         g++ -g -O2
  SQL preprocessor:     /usr/bin/cpp -traditional-cpp -P

 -------------- Dependencies --------------
  GEOS config:          /usr/local/bin/geos-config
  GEOS version:         3.3.5
  GDAL config:          /usr/local/bin/gdal-config
  GDAL version:         1.9.1
  PostgreSQL config:    /usr/local/pgsql/bin//pg_config
  PostgreSQL version:   PostgreSQL 9.1.5
  PROJ4 version:        48
  Libxml2 config:       /usr/bin/xml2-config
  Libxml2 version:      2.7.6
  JSON-C support:       yes
  PostGIS debug level:  0
  Perl:                 /usr/bin/perl

 --------------- Extensions ---------------
  PostGIS Raster:       enabled
  PostGIS Topology:     enabled

 -------- Documentation Generation --------
  xsltproc:             /usr/bin/xsltproc
  xsl style sheets:     /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets
  convert:              /usr/bin/convert
  mathml2.dtd:          http://www.w3.org/Math/DTD/mathml2/mathml2.dtd


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