[postgis-users] R: PostGis Update from alpha 7 to beta 1.

Salvatore Larosa S_Larosa at libero.it
Fri Mar 2 04:09:18 PST 2012

download .tar.gz and rebuild it, then running:
as postgres user for apply to your dbs!

that is all!!

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Data: 02/03/2012 12.42
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Ogg: [postgis-users] PostGis Update from alpha 7 to beta 1.

Good morning. I installed PostGis 2.0 Alpha 7 over a PostgreSQL 9.1.I want to 
update to the beta version but I am not sure what are the propper steps to do 
this and was hoping anybody here could give me a hint.I supose I should 
download the source and build it (like I built the Alpha) but do I need to 
anything before I run make install? 
I already have some databases using the postgis 2 extension.
Thank you very much.

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