[postgis-users] Update data in PostGIS database

Morten Sickel morten at sickel.net
Mon Jun 3 04:12:44 PDT 2013

It depends a bit...

If those servers are able to communicate with each other on port 5432, you
can use streaming replication to make one of the servers being a (read
only) mirror of the other. - or you may set up log-shipping streaming
replication, in which case te master server only needs to be able to send
files (i.e. using rsync) to the slave server.

In both cases, the servers must be identical - same versions and the same
databases - which all are read only on the slave... (You may of course run
more postgres servers on the slave, where one is dedicated to the

Just ask me if you need some assistance, I have set up a few
streaming-replication and log-shipping replication servers.


thomas lechauve skrev:
> Hello,
> I am trying to synchronize two PostGIS databases.
> I have a reference server which is filled and updated every day with OSM
> data. For this purpose I recreate the whole database. But now i want to
> update another database which is not on the same server based on the first
> database without recreate it.
> pg_dump/pg_restore tools are probably what i am looking for, but i cannot
> find a way to achieve my purposes.
> Do i have to keep trying with those tools or is there another way ?
> Perhaps a SQL script could do it but i want to avoid it because i am no
> expert in PostGIS and databases in general.
> Any recommendations ?
> Cheers
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