[postgis-users] 2.1.8 Bug Fix Release

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Tue Jul 7 07:07:42 PDT 2015

Over the past three months, we have closed a number of important bugs
that can potentially crash a back-end, so we are releasing 2.1.8


If you're running a site that accepts GeoJSON you should upgrade.


  - #3159, do not force a bbox cache on ST_Affine
  - #3018, GROUP BY geography sometimes returns duplicate rows
  - #3048, shp2pgsql - illegal number format when specific system locale set
  - #3094, Malformed GeoJSON inputs crash backend
  - #3104, st_asgml introduces random characters in ID field
  - #3155, Remove liblwgeom.h on make uninstall
  - #3177, gserialized_is_empty cannot handle nested empty cases
  - Fix crash in ST_LineLocatePoint


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