[postgis-users] Visualizing PostGIS 3D geometries

Donovan Cameron sault.don at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 13:56:47 PDT 2015

There's the Horao plugin[1] for QGIS that might let you view postgis 3d 

It can run stand-alone as well, without QGIS.

It was developed for the SFCGAL 3D geometry types, but haven't tested on 
...Z geometry types.


[1] http://oslandia.github.io/horao/

On 07/07/15 01:27 PM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Il 07/07/2015 21:44, Hillier, Michael ha scritto:
>> Honestly, the issues I have gone through to visualize simple 3D PostGIS geometries doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't there be a simple environment to connect to the PostgreSQL/PostGIS database and visualize the 3D geometries? Or have I really missed something here? If there isn't what is the point in having standardized geometries on a S-DBMS if you can't visualize them?
>> Is it expected that some advanced end user develop their own software using some visualization toolkit like VTK to visualize these geometries?
> QGIS 2.10 has some basic support for 3D, will have more in 2.12.
> All the best.

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