[postgis-users] geocoding failure

P O'Toole P.OToole at uwyo.edu
Fri Oct 14 12:27:40 PDT 2016

>>I have the tiger geocoder extension installed, and the tiger data loaded
>>for the state of Georgia.  I can get a reasonable response from the
>>geocode_intersection function, but geocode, geocode_address and
>>reverse_geocode always fetch 0 rows.
>Ok, so here's an update.  I found the tiger_data.ga_zip_lookup_base empty.
>It seemed to be empty because the tiger.county table was empty.  I grepped
>the loader script for anything that would have loaded the tiger.county
>table and didn't find anything.  I regenerated the script to be sure, and
>got the same result.
>So I filled the tiger.county and tiger_data.ga_zip_lookup_base tables.  And
>got the same result.  Is there something I'm not getting about the loader
>script?  Here's how I generated my loader:
>psql -U postgres -d wafflehouse -A t -c "SELECT
>This has to run in a windows vm on my laptop for a variety of reasons.  In
>any case, the script generated looks plausible and seems to work mostly.
>I checked all the FROM clauses in the create script for the geocode_address
>function, and believe I have data in all the required tables.  I'll keep
>after it, but any help would be great.
>Sara Yurman, GISP
>Spatial Focus, LLC
>Geodata Architects
>Office: (404) 378-0989
>Fax:    (404) 806-6257

Sara –

I don't do geocoding myself, but a brute-force way of moving forward would be to either (A) get geocoding information from someone else in the state who uses PostGIS and steal their configuration (B) get geocoding information from someone who uses PostGIS in a neighboring state for clues as to what's going on (C) install Postgres/PostGIS temporarily onto a Linux server and pg_dump/restore to the local Windows machine you stated you have to use. I'd suggest installing a dual-boot to that machine or flipping the virtualization you're doing to go from Windows->Linux instead of Linux->Windows instead of the other way around, but even if it happened to be an option I probably wouldn't chase that option until you had more information.

- Patrick O'Toole

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