[postgis-users] Given up

Darrel Maddy darrel.maddy at newcastle.ac.uk
Sun Dec 10 14:33:43 PST 2017

Dear Devrim,

Very many thanks. That worked exactly how I remembered. Only glitch was it did not create the spatial database as requested. I was able to add the extension to a new database without any problems however.

I actually went to that site earlier but did not see the download link before. May be I was too frustrated by then and simply missed it. 

I will test this properly tomorrow when I will start adding tables full of rasters.

Many thanks again and apologies if my earlier rant was irritating.

Best wishes


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On Sun, 2017-12-10 at 19:29 +0000, Darrel Maddy wrote:
> I have a new laptop running windows 10. I have not installed 
> postgresql or postgis for some time so I decided to use the binaries. 
> Using the BIGSQL download proved to be a nightmare. Postgresql 10 
> installs without issue but with no stackbuilder option (it does not 
> appear anywhere in the menus nor in the directories)

I think StackBuilder is a part of EnterpriseDB installers:


Please use them, and let us know if you experience issues (our QA team already does such verifications and more, but stil...)

Devrim Gündüz
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