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Bo Victor Thomsen bo.victor.thomsen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 01:13:54 PST 2017

Hi Darrel -

As you already have found an alternative installation, this mail is just 
a heads-up for future users of the BigSQL installation of PostgreSQL:

  * The BigSQL administrative interface is based on some kind of local
    http-server software, which serves a JavaScript based program for
    installing/upgrading PostgreSQL and extensions (localhost:8051 IIRC)
  * This works very nicely (some times). But depending on your choice of
    antivirus - it can be a *royal* pain, because *your* antivirus
    software a lot of the time will stop *you* from using the interface.
  * However, BigSQL has an alternative installation method: the *pgc*
    command line interface.
  * You can do the following:
      o Start a DOS box with administrative rights (Right-click the
        dox-box icon, choose "Run as Administrator")
      o In the dos box, navigate to the installation directory of
        BigSQL, usually c:\PostgreSQL or c:\BigSQL
      o type "pgc" . This will give you a list of supported command for pgc.
      o Example - Install the PostGIS 2.4 extension for PostgreSQL: type
        "*pgc install postgis24-pg10*"
      o Give it a minute to download and install and then: Voila! you
        have the PostGIS extension for PostgreSQL installed and ready
        for use.

Bo Victor Thomsen
LIFA A/S, Denmark

Den 10-12-2017 kl. 20:29 skrev Darrel Maddy:
> Dear all,
> This is probably not the best time for me to be writing this but I 
> think it is sometimes useful to report negative outcomes.
> I have a new laptop running windows 10. I have not installed 
> postgresql or postgis for some time so I decided to use the binaries. 
> Using the BIGSQL download proved to be a nightmare. Postgresql 10 
> installs without issue but with no stackbuilder option (it does not 
> appear anywhere in the menus nor in the directories)  I attempted to 
> try and install the postgis binaries. Needless to say that failed with 
> repeated errors for files it could not find. I have spent a few hours 
> trying to convince this that the files are there but now I have given 
> up. To add insult to injury the postgis uninstall did not work and the 
> postgresql uninstall failed to remove most of its components. God 
> knows what mess it has made of any registry entries (assuming it does 
> that). I tried 9.6 but stackbuilder did not appear there either so I 
> have lost whatever patience I may have started out with. I realise the 
> install instructions do not refer to the latest versions but I 
> reluctantly admit failure. May be I just cannot follow instructions?
> Perhaps as I get older I forget previous experience but I do not 
> remember it being such a mess previously.  Maybe I will try again in a 
> month or two – is the situation likely to improve?
> Sorry but I needed to get this off my chest and the criticism is NOT 
> aimed at anyone in particular.
> Darrel
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