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There was an issue with when PostgreSQL 10 came out that the stack builder
did not show the PostGIS spatial extension I had uploaded.

This was fixed in PostgreSQL 10.1 so perhaps you went to it pre-10.1.


Regarding not creating spatial db, that is odd.  There is a checkbox to
create one, but I do have it unchecked by default, cause it's better for
people to just use CREATE EXTENSION on whatever database they want.  I keep
that feature there just so I can test when I deploy to make sure all
extensions can be created.


As noted by Bo below, BigSQL packages PostGIS too and that one IS NOT VIA


Use pgc commandline or pgDevOps for BigSQL.


However, the EDB windows and BigSQL Windows binaries are compatible (both
compiled with mingw64), so if you ever need anything you can't find in
BigSQL (pgRouting and SFCGAL come to mind)


You can use the zip binaries on this page -











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Hi Darrel -

As you already have found an alternative installation, this mail is just a
heads-up for future users of the BigSQL installation of PostgreSQL:

*        The BigSQL administrative interface is based on some kind of local
http-server software, which serves a JavaScript based program for
installing/upgrading PostgreSQL and extensions (localhost:8051 IIRC)

*        This works very nicely (some times). But depending on your choice
of antivirus - it can be a *royal* pain, because *your* antivirus software a
lot of the time will stop *you* from using the interface. 

*        However, BigSQL has an alternative installation method: the pgc
command line interface.

*        You can do the following:

o   Start a DOS box with administrative rights (Right-click the dox-box
icon, choose "Run as Administrator")

o   In the dos box, navigate to the installation directory of BigSQL,
usually c:\PostgreSQL or c:\BigSQL

o   type "pgc" . This will give you a list of supported command for pgc.

o   Example - Install the PostGIS 2.4 extension for PostgreSQL: type "pgc
install postgis24-pg10"

o   Give it a minute to download and install and then: Voila! you have the
PostGIS extension for PostgreSQL installed and ready for use.

Bo Victor Thomsen
LIFA A/S, Denmark

Den 10-12-2017 kl. 20:29 skrev Darrel Maddy:

Dear all,


This is probably not the best time for me to be writing this but I think it
is sometimes useful to report negative outcomes.


I have a new laptop running windows 10. I have not installed postgresql or
postgis for some time so I decided to use the binaries. Using the BIGSQL
download proved to be a nightmare. Postgresql 10 installs without issue but
with no stackbuilder option (it does not appear anywhere in the menus nor in
the directories)  I attempted to try and install the postgis binaries.
Needless to say that failed with repeated errors for files it could not
find. I have spent a few hours trying to convince this that the files are
there but now I have given up. To add insult to injury the postgis uninstall
did not work and the postgresql uninstall failed to remove most of its
components. God knows what mess it has made of any registry entries
(assuming it does that). I tried 9.6 but stackbuilder did not appear there
either so I have lost whatever patience I may have started out with. I
realise the install instructions do not refer to the latest versions but I
reluctantly admit failure. May be I just cannot follow instructions?


Perhaps as I get older I forget previous experience but I do not remember it
being such a mess previously.  Maybe I will try again in a month or two - is
the situation likely to improve? 


Sorry but I needed to get this off my chest and the criticism is NOT aimed
at anyone in particular.




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