[postgis-users] Encoding and Collation Question

Gary Turner g at elizr.com
Sat Apr 7 05:15:45 PDT 2018

IIRC, postgres/gis tables are UTF-8 by default.  That's probably the 
best option to use to avoid hassles, and to be more stable long-term.

If you are having problems, I suspect that the issue is what encoding 
your source data was/is in, and what process you used to import it.

Can you do it again? What process did you use? Do you know what encoding 
it was in?

On 07/04/18 10:05, Aaron Edwards wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m trying to create a spatial layer in GoeServer using postgis.  The 
> problem is that there are a few special characters in the name column 
> (rivers and streams in New Mexico).  In Zuni river, for example, the N 
> has a tilde character over it.  So the labels are all wonky.
> What Encoding and Collation would prevent this?  I tried WIN1252 and 
> English_United States.1252, but that prevented me from installing the 
> ogr_fdw extension, and that seemed to preclude the use of 
> UpdateGeometrySRID(), which I need.
> Thanks.
> Aaron
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