[postgis-users] Query for Footprint

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Apr 16 09:27:14 PDT 2018

Are you looking for an area or a perimeter.


ST_ExteriorRing would give you the outer boundary of the a single polygon.
If you want it as a linestring, you want ST_Boundary(geom).


Sounds though if you are getting all geometries that you are doing something


SELECT ST_ExterionRing(geom)

FROM parcels


Which will give you all values.


For footprint of a specifc parcel, should be something like



FROM parcels WHERE pid = 'parcel id you are interested in';


If the above doesn't answer your question, provide more detail about your
table structure and SQL query you are writing.


Hope that helps,



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Dear All,


Can you please tell us, how to retrieve the footprint from polygon feature

Already, I have tried like ST_ExteriorRing but here we are getting all the
geometries not getting the single geometry.




Pradeep Kanth




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