[postgis-users] PostGIS on Centos 7

Phil Hurvitz phurvitz at uw.edu
Wed Apr 25 12:07:29 PDT 2018

I have been using PostGIS without complaint for quite some time on 
Centos 7 using the community packages.


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> Hi there
> We have a managed server with PostGreSQL / PostGIS and Centos. We
> asked our ISP about moving to a new server and they said
> PostGIS  "would not work well with CentOS7, certainly not without a
> great deal of customisation and it's something we would not
> recommend. " (I am not convinced they know much about PostGIS  though...)
> Does PostGIS  work well on Centos 7?
> Is there a web page that says PostGIS  works well on Centos 7 - so I
> can send it to the ISP ?
> Back in 2011 the same ISP installed PostgreSQL 9.0.2 with
> PostGIS  onto Centos 5 fairly easily. I don't know exactly why they
> are reluctant to install PostGIS  on Centos 7 - they have not given
> details. We would be happy to use the most up-to-date Postgresql and PostGIS.
> (I'm reluctant to shift to another ISP because up to now, these guys
> have been excellent. I'd like to convince them that PostGIS is fine
> on Centos 7.)
> Thanks
> Mark
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