[postgis-users] Configuring tilemill for many postgis layers

Robert Sellers robert.sellers at azimuth1.com
Fri Mar 2 08:02:58 PST 2018

Hi all.  It was suggested to be that I reach out to this mailing list and
ask for help.  I've been stuck on this problem for months.

I have nationwide data inside 2 postgis db on a 9.6 postgresql cluster on
AWS (32GB RAM, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) that I'm querying against an arbitrary
feature (ST_intersects & ST_contains) with a Ubuntu 17 running tileoven. I
cannot appropriately get the tiles to render in the GUI without various
errors, or crashes. The queries work fine when I run them individually
outside of tilemill inside pgadmin, however they do take a lot of time. I
am able to get some tiles to render in the GUI, but with missing blocks
missing at various zoom levels.

Current set of confusing errors:

Postgis Plugin: Null connection


PostGIS: geometry name lookup failed for table ''. Please manually provide
the 'geometry_field' parameter or add an entry in the geometry_columns for

For visual reference, this is an example of what tilemill looks like after
I try loading a few layers (out of 70).


I found that resetting the cluster can help reduce errors next time I load,
but this always comes back. I just want to export.mbtiles. I've tried all
kinds of configurations, operating systems, working locally, etc. The only
thing that seems to "work" is not using Postgis, by introducing file
geodatabases or shapefiles as layers, however this defeats the point of
this exercise, which is to query out each map feature based on an arbitrary
intersecting feature which is computed using Rgdal during the creation of
the .mml tilemill project file.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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