[postgis-users] Configuring tilemill for many postgis layers

Darafei "Komяpa" Praliaskouski me at komzpa.net
Fri Mar 2 08:43:03 PST 2018

Please get server side logs from AWS console.

My guess would be that you drag map fast enough to exhaust default 100
connections limit of Postgres, so a 101th will show a failure. There used
to be "Metatile size" setting in Tilemill that lets you use less
connections per screen redraw.

пт, 2 мар. 2018 г. в 19:03, Robert Sellers <robert.sellers at azimuth1.com>:

> Hi all.  It was suggested to be that I reach out to this mailing list and
> ask for help.  I've been stuck on this problem for months.
> I have nationwide data inside 2 postgis db on a 9.6 postgresql cluster on
> AWS (32GB RAM, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) that I'm querying against an arbitrary
> feature (ST_intersects & ST_contains) with a Ubuntu 17 running tileoven. I
> cannot appropriately get the tiles to render in the GUI without various
> errors, or crashes. The queries work fine when I run them individually
> outside of tilemill inside pgadmin, however they do take a lot of time. I
> am able to get some tiles to render in the GUI, but with missing blocks
> missing at various zoom levels.
> Current set of confusing errors:
> Postgis Plugin: Null connection
> and
> PostGIS: geometry name lookup failed for table ''. Please manually provide
> the 'geometry_field' parameter or add an entry in the geometry_columns for
> ''.
> For visual reference, this is an example of what tilemill looks like after
> I try loading a few layers (out of 70).
> https://imgur.com/z4ccymr
> I found that resetting the cluster can help reduce errors next time I
> load, but this always comes back. I just want to export.mbtiles. I've tried
> all kinds of configurations, operating systems, working locally, etc. The
> only thing that seems to "work" is not using Postgis, by introducing file
> geodatabases or shapefiles as layers, however this defeats the point of
> this exercise, which is to query out each map feature based on an arbitrary
> intersecting feature which is computed using Rgdal during the creation of
> the .mml tilemill project file.
> Any thoughts or ideas?
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