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SDO_CS.TRANSFORM_LAYER clones the input table (or MV) to a new table, transforming the geometry column specified to the new SRID. For example:


This clones the LSE_DETAIL_ACTIVE table to one called LDA_NAD27, while transforming the SHAPE column to SRID 4267.


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You may need to explain what SDO_CS.TRANSFORM does.

To transform a table's geometry SRID I use the following:

ALTER TABLE <table_name> ALTER COLUMN <geom_column_name> TYPE geometry(<geometry_type>, <target_CRS>) USING ST_Transform(<geom_column_name>, <target_CRS>);

Bryan Hall <bryan.hall at chk.com<mailto:bryan.hall at chk.com>> escreveu no dia quarta, 9/05/2018 às 16:02:

I’m starting to look at the stored procedures we will need to move to PostGIS from Oracle, and I don’t see anything like SDO_CS.TRANSFORM_LAYER in the manual for a built-in procedure. Yes of course there is ST_Transform, but that does it in place, or in-line. However, here we are making a new table in a different SRID and it would be rather nice not to hard-code the columns in the source table (or MV in this case), or copy the table as a whole and then do a clunky in-place update. Yes, I’d rather just add another geography column and make it a computed column – but stupid ESRI software has to read this data. 😊

Is there a good site to look for “convenience functions” like this for PostGIS? I’d rather not spend time “re-inventing the wheel” if I don’t have to.

Thanks, Bryan


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