[postgis-users] Attempting to Connect to POSTGIS Database Table from BIRT To Create a report from an POSTGIS attribute table - connection throws error (with only spatial enabled tables)

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Fri Feb 8 23:24:06 PST 2019

This is my first use of the postgis-users list


I am currently using BIRT reporting tool to connect to Postgresql 9.6.  To
reporting tool works fine on NON-POSTGIS enabled tables.


I enabled full tracing on the database to capture the database log as well
as the error thrown by BIRT.


BIRT uses the postgresjdbc driver to connect to Postgresql.  I suspect the
issue is at the jdbc driver level but I am unsure.


I have read some google entries regarding the installation of the
postgisjdbc driver.but it is unclear which version I should use - or how to
install it.


My current environment is:  postgresql9.6 postgis2.3 centos7


Extract of the postgresql (server side) trace log: (note: I renamed table
name to 'XXX' to maintain security): 


2019-02-08 21:49:31.951
E",2019-02-08 21:49:31 PST,7/25,0,ERROR,42P01,"relation ""public.XXX"" does
not exist",,,,,,"select * from public.XXX",15,,"PostgreSQL JDBC Driver"



Client side error:


A BIRT exception occurred.

  Plug-in Provider:Eclipse BIRT Project

  Plug-in Name:BIRT Data Engine

  Plug-in ID:org.eclipse.birt.data


  Error Code:odaconsumer.CannotGetResultSetMetaData

  Error Message:Cannot get the result set metadata.

    org.eclipse.birt.report.data.oda.jdbc.JDBCException: SQL statement does
not return a ResultSet object.

SQL error #1:ERROR: relation "public.tollbrotherspacifichighranchparcels"
does not exist

  Position: 15


    org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation "public.XXX" does not

  Position: 15



Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Michael Fene'

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