[postgis-users] [postgis-devel] Request for ideas to enhance the geometry viewer - GSoC

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue Jan 29 15:53:51 PST 2019

> The call for OSGeo GSoC ideas is now out [1]. Frikan and I would like to
> suggest a project to address some of the issues left in the geometry viewer
> (available in pgAdmin4), but also include some new functionality.
> Are there any ideas or suggestions from you, the PostGIS community, for
> extra functionalities that would improve the usefulness of the geometry
> viewer?
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards
> Victoria
> [1] https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/soc/2019-January/004200.html
[Regina Obe] 

Much thanks to all the work you've done with GSoc.  The viewer is pretty nice.
I think the only thing at the moment I feel missing is being able to over lay queries.
I'm not sure if pgAdmin has plumbing to easily allow that.

The other thing I had on my dream list -- not really a viewer thing, is having a loader plugin for pgAdmin4. (I thought I had this ticketed, but can't find it)

Right now the gui loader/dumper we have shp2pgsql-gui doesn't hook into pgAdmin4 and as such I'm reducing its mention in the PostGIS in Action 3rd edition.

What would be really cool is if a replacement plugin could be put in place perhaps using shp2gpsql, pgsql2pgsql instead.
I think the pgAdmin4 piggy-backs on pg_dump and pg_restore for its backup/restore console, so was thinking maybe something similar could be done with the
Shp2pgsql / pgsql2shp command lines.

That would kill 2 birds too - because shp2pgsql-gui is not shipped with many distributions (only the Windows and I think Boundless (now Planet) (Mac) ship it) 
So we could in theory scrap shp2gpsql-gui if we build the gui into pgAdmin4, and would allow more newbies (not running windows or mac) to be able to use a gui loader/dumper.

In addition, if we are successful with that, I think we may able to reuse similar logic to build an ogr2ogr gui into pgAdmin4.  Since a lot of folks have GDAL installed in their local desktop they would be able to leverage this as well.  Thus solving some other annoying problem we have of not being able to import or export other formats (using a gui).


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