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suraj birla surajbirla at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 10:53:31 PDT 2019


Our environment  has Postgres database with PostGIS extension.
User/application run postGIS query. Works fine.

Normally we get millions of point ( lat/lon) and our requirement to assign
addresses to most of the point.

Currently we use Google API/ 3rd party service and call reverse geocode api
to get the addresses for lat/lon.

Since the number of points are increasing day by day, its becoming
challenging to  process millions of points and sometime our processes get
hung. Lastly there is cost associated to the API calls and throttle .

I was thinking of loading OSM data into postgres database and then write a
sql job which will do a lookup  to OSM tables and assign address to each

1. Where do I find free OSM data which I can directly load into database?
2. Is there any document /link which will guide to load the address for
3. Any tips/recommendations?

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