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Mon Jul 15 11:03:37 PDT 2019

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Il lun 15 lug 2019, 19:53 suraj birla <surajbirla at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hi,
> Our environment  has Postgres database with PostGIS extension.
> User/application run postGIS query. Works fine.
> Normally we get millions of point ( lat/lon) and our requirement to assign
> addresses to most of the point.
> Currently we use Google API/ 3rd party service and call reverse geocode
> api to get the addresses for lat/lon.
> Since the number of points are increasing day by day, its becoming
> challenging to  process millions of points and sometime our processes get
> hung. Lastly there is cost associated to the API calls and throttle .
> I was thinking of loading OSM data into postgres database and then write a
> sql job which will do a lookup  to OSM tables and assign address to each
> lat/lon.
> Question:
> 1. Where do I find free OSM data which I can directly load into database?
> 2. Is there any document /link which will guide to load the address for
> lat/lon?
> 3. Any tips/recommendations?
> Thanks
> Suraj
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