[postgis-users] calculating statistics about distances within sets of points

Dheeraj Chand dheeraj at dheerajchand.com
Mon Sep 28 15:52:18 PDT 2020


I have a question about calculating distances within sets of points. If I have lists of voters (voters) with different districts referenced on it,  and I want to create sets of CSV's that show different statistics about points within districts and combinations of districts.   So, for example, imagine that I want to look at points where voters.state = 'TX' and I want to create a new table that shows the voter.cd <http://voter.cd/> (Congressional District), min_distance_between_points , avg_distance_between_points, max_distance_between_points ,  or what if I wanted to do the same for  voters.cd , voters.county, looking at voters that had both?  I think that there are ways to do this with the <-> distance operator but it is not clear to me.


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