[postgis-users] Moving from Postgis 2.5.5 to Postgis 3.0

Reismann, Martin Martin.Reismann at wu.ac.at
Wed Sep 30 05:55:51 PDT 2020


I am planning to move from Postgis 2.5.5 (on PostgreSQL 9.6) to Postgis 3.0 (on PostgreSQL 13).

I refer to http://www.postgis.net/docs/postgis_installation.html#hard_upgrade

Can I proceed as follows (HARD UPGRADE) ?<http://w>

- pg_dump database(s) in old system

- install Postgis 3.0 packages on operating system level

- initialization of new database, start the new server, import of users and groups ...

- restore database(s) in new system (using the perl script given in the link above)

- ALTER EXTENSION postgis UPDATE TO "3.0.2"; # in new system


Is it still necessary to do an in-place SOFT UPGRADE (ALTER EXTENSION postgis UPDATE ...) of Postgis 2.5.5  to 3.0 BEFORE starting the procedure above ?

There is an older docment which mentions this:

"Install the new version of PostgreSQL and the same version of PostGIS you are using in your old database. You need to match the PostGIS version so that the dump file function definitions reference an expected version of the PostGIS library."

Martin Reismann

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