[postgis-users] PostGIS, Proj-Lib and GDAL Structure

Morelli Michael M.Morelli at mitech.ch
Wed Feb 24 08:58:09 PST 2021

Hi folks,

We would like to use PostGIS as backend (PostGres with Extension GIS enabled). There we transform with ST_Transform sql-procedure etc.
And on the client side (client-applications) we would like to install/distribute the proj-lib for client-transformations. Here we directly access the proj.dll C-Interfaces for transformations. So basically we then have two different proj-sytems (one on the client and the other in PostGIS-DB).
But the projections (proj.db SQLLite) should be the same and also the proj.dll versions.

  1.  When installing the PostGIS extension on the server, is the db-table spatial_ref_sys directly generated from the file: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\13\share\contrib\postgis-3.0\proj\proj.db ? Or is it generated from the CSV-files in C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\13\gdal-data?
  2.  Why does the PostGIS extension not install the newest version of proj (Version 7) and Version 6.x instead?
  3.  Where is the best way to download the proj.dll and proj.db for the client applications? Should we copy them from the PostGIS-Installation-Directory ?
  4.  Is the PostGIS libproj-15.dll the same like proj.dll?

Thank you for your help and interest!

Kind regards,
Michael Morelli

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