[postgis-users] "postgis-3" extension in PostgreSQL extension list of pgAdmin

Marco Boeringa marco at boeringa.demon.nl
Wed Nov 3 10:06:21 PDT 2021

Hi Regina,

It is Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, with PostgreSQL 13.4. PostGIS is at 3.1.4 
after enabling the "postgis" extension in pgAdmin4 (v6.1).


Op 3-11-2021 om 18:00 schreef Regina Obe:
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>>    Hi all,
>> Having to re-create a database using pgAdmin, I just wondered what the
>> "postgis-3" extension represents that is visible in the list of suggested
>> extensions in pgAdmin? I have always ignored the entry, and chosen "postgis",
>> which seems to work fine, but I have never quite understood what the "*-3"
>> post fixed extension objects are (e.g. there is also a "postgis_raster-3" visible
>> next the to "postgis_raster" one).
>> Can someone explain?
>> Marco
> [Regina Obe]
> Are you running Debian or Ubuntu?  I think that is a specific packaging.
> I recall seeing that funniness on a Debian install.
> The extension should just be postgis, but I think for some reason they also created an alias -3 to differentiate it from postgis (which the default version might be 2.5 depending on what OS you are on and the default version for the -3 would be 3.something.
> So they had essentially created two postgis.control files one postgis.control and one postgis-3.control so they could control the default for each.
> I'd just try using plain old postgis and in the drop down of versions, see if you see a 3.something
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