[postgis-users] PG Feat Serv and OGC API

Rory Meyer rory.meyer at VLIZ.be
Thu Apr 28 05:49:04 PDT 2022

Afternoon all,

I've got a PG Featureserv docker container running on a server and a couple of collections and functions published on it. The data that I'm querying is better suited for functions. It's mostly time series stuff and it's nice to give it a start/stop time and a couple other filter parameters.

I'm looking at OWSlib to build a python client that consumes off the server but it doesn't seem like the "functions" are recognised in OGC; "myserver.org/collections/my_data" is easily called in OWSlib with:

from owslib.ogcapi.features import Features
api = Features('http://myserver.org/')
but there doesn't seem to be a "myserver.org/functions/my_func" equivalent.

Am I missing it? Is the best way to do function queries just to build up the URL in python and do a simple request?


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