[pycsw-devel] About "GetRecords-filter-bbox Request"

Tom Kralidis tomkralidis at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 22 12:21:45 EDT 2011

Looks like the sqlite embedded functions are not being declared.  In server/server.py.

Can you turn on logging (loglevel=DEBUG) in default.cfg.  Run the same request and inspect the log file (look for string 'Repository loaded: ').  What's the value shown after this?  sqlite?  sqlite3?


From: Nagai.Junichi at imslab.co.jp
To: pycsw-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 11:13:24 +0900
Subject: [pycsw-devel] About "GetRecords-filter-bbox Request"

Dear Tom Kralidis,
I'm Junichi Nagai from Japan.
(I'm sorry I can't speak English very well.)
I have a question about "GetRecords-filter-bbox Request" of pycsw.
I installed pycsw 1.0.0(http://sourceforge.net/projects/pycsw/files/1.0.0/)
to my OS:Windows.
I created the necessary tables and values for the repository by using
I imported all *.xml records(pycsw samples) by using
I sent "GetRecords-all Request" to my pycsw
server(http://localhost/cgi-bin/pycsw/csw.py) at
I got collect response from my pycsw
server(http://localhost/cgi-bin/pycsw/csw.py) at
(attachment file:GetAll_Request_Response.jpg)
No problem.
I sent "GetRecords-Element Request" to my pycsw server.
I got collect response.
(attachment file:GetRecords-Element_Request_Response.jpg)
No problem.
I sent "GetRecords-filter-bbox Request" to my pycsw server.
I couldn't got collect response.
(attachment file:GetRecords-filter-bbox_Request_Response.jpg)
I got below error.
<ows:ExceptionText>Invalid query: (OperationalError) no such function:
query_spatial u"SELECT records.identifier AS records_identifier,
records.typename AS records_typename, records.schema AS records_schema,
records.bbox AS records_bbox, records.xml AS records_xml, records.source AS
records_source, records.insert_date AS records_insert_date \nFROM records
\nWHERE records.typename IN (?) AND query_spatial(bbox,'POLYGON((-5.00
47.00, -5.00 55.00, 20.00 55.00, 20.00 47.00, -5.00 47.00))','bbox','false')
= 'true'" ('csw:Record',)</ows:ExceptionText>
I sent oher "GetRecords-filter-*** Request" to my pycsw server.
I got same error.
Could you tell me what's wrong?
I use below.
  OS:Windows XP
  Python:Version 2.7

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