[Qgis-developer] Merging of branches

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Sat Dec 22 18:51:54 EST 2007

Hi Marco,

December has somehow come and almost gone and I have made little 
progress. I still have one more big task to do --moving all of the 
pseudo color and shading code into a new class -- and a couple of 
smaller things that must be addressed.

I will try to put some dedicated time into this over the next week while 
I am traveling. I think by the first of the New Year, I can have 
something for the project steering committee to look at and see if the 
branch is ready to be merged.

Bob Moskovitz has been a real great help testing the raster branch, but 
it would be good to hear back from any other users who have also been 
testing it.

A merry Christmas as all those who celebrate it and best wishes to 
everyone for a safe, prosperous and hopefully peaceful New Year.


Marco Hugentobler wrote:
> @Peter: Is it possible for you to merge the raster transparency branch before 
> 10.01.08?

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