[Qgis-developer] Using Request for changes (RFC) in QGIS project

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Jun 5 13:26:18 EDT 2007


Marco Hugentobler ha scritto:
> Dear QGIS community members,
> In the last PSC meeting we agreed that QGIS needs a more formalized 
> development model. One idea was to use Requests for changes (RFC), similar to 
> the what UMN mapserver does (http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/development/rfc).
> If you are also in favour of RFCs, we need to agree on how the procedure 
> should be for the QGIS project. To start the discussion, I wrote down some 
> initial ideas (see below). Please comment them and bring your own ideas. 
> After the discussion, I'm going to make a document that describes the RFC 
> procedure for QGIS on the Wiki.
> -A QGIS Request for comment (RFC) describes a major change in technology, 
> major additions to functionality, or changes in the direction of the project. 
> It is published on the developer and user mailing lists and community members 
> vote about it.
> -It is necessary in the following cases:
> Change that breaks API compatibility, merge of a branch, change in development 
> model
> -Procedure: 
> Author publishes RFC on qgis-developer and qgis-user lists
> Community votes in the next 5 working days with -1, 0, +1
> Finished RFCs are stored and are available on the website, together with the 
> voting result
> Regards,
> Marco
Paolo Cavallini

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