[Qgis-developer] Print composer bugs

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Sat Jun 30 08:36:17 EDT 2007

Steven Bell wrote:

> If some other Linux users could run my font test program below, that 
> would be helpful.  Let me know your Linux distro, Qt version, and 
> whether the text came out garbled.
> A Linux binary is here: http://botsnlinux.googlepages.com/QT_Fonts , and 
> source code is here: http://botsnlinux.googlepages.com/QT_Fonts.zip 
> <http://botsnlinux.googlepages.com/QT_Fonts.zip>

  I have this terrible compulsion to convert Qt C++ code into Python/Qt 
code, so my Python version of Steven's code is here:


[files unzip into current directory so unzip this in a sub-folder of its 
own. there's only three files in it]

  unzip, run "python main.py" and if you have PyQt4 it should do the 
same as Steven's C++ example - ie on my Ubuntu box show text badly when 
scaling small point fonts up to large pixel sizes.


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