[Qgis-developer] Quantum GIS 0.9.2 rev8336 Windows Test Installer

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Fri Apr 11 17:13:52 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I made another windows pre-release build for testings:
1. the help section still doesn't work. I'm quite sure that it's not a
*package* or *build* problem, but only a source code error. Also Jürgen had
this problem on his MSVC build. It's strange, because on 0.92rc1 help
section worked fine!
2. while in the last 0.92rc1 windows package the python plugins didn't work,
now I figured out how to let them work in a self-contained package. Only the
mapserver plugin seems to report errors, but I'm quite sure that they don't
depend on missing python files in the package, but that they are generated
by errors in python source code.
3. I made a big work on packaging. Instead of *following* the previous
release *architecture*, I preferred to package the files tracing all the
system calls, thus including the really needed files only. That resulted in
a package with approx the same *weight* of the previous ones, even if I
added more that 13 MB of python files (not previously included, but needed
to let python plugins work).
4. this release is based on rev8336; but changes is still on the way (for
example, Jürgen Fischer an I are working on some improvements on GRASS
5. the installer still needs some improvements, maybe, but it already does
its work, and install all the files correctly, registry keys and (optional)
sample dataset inlcuded. Feel free to report suggestions on it.
That's all. And, now, the installer:
e6403396e749> &MessageID=bafc3210-053e-4a1c-b4d9-e6403396e749
Please, test it, and report bugs and/or suggestions.
Thank you for your attention,
Marco Pasetti
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