[Qgis-developer] R: Postgres SSL connection on Windows fails

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Thu Apr 17 19:18:18 EDT 2008

Hi Maciej,

If I remember well, I built PGSQL without OpenSSL support, because of build
problems with windows under MinGW. I should work on this to let the OpenSSL
compile under MinGW. Since I'm really too busy now, I guess I'll probably do
the job only for the next releases of both GRASS and QGIS.



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Oggetto: Postgres SSL connection on Windows fails


Is there a reason why QGIS on Windows (the latest Tisham's build as well as
the latest Marco's one) fails to connect to Postgres database with SSL? I
never had the problem with QGIS on GNU/Linux.

Here's the error:

Connection to dbase on xxx.xx.xx.xx failed. Either the database is down or
your settings are incorrect.

Check your username and password and try again.

The database said:
FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "xx.xx.xx.xx", user "user", database
"dbase", SSL off

The "FATAL" message is not correct. There is an appropriate entry in the 
pg_hba.conf on the server. And I can connect from the same IP when I use 
a Debian machine.


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