[Qgis-developer] Need a little help again with Python bindings

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Sun Jan 6 22:45:10 EST 2008


When you get a change can you take a look at the SIP files in the raster 
transparency branch? I have been trying to keep them up-to-date and 
adding new SIP files where necessary, but it seems I have run into a 
snag. All the SIP file that I have been modifying (qgsrasterlayer.sip) 
or adding correspond to file in /src/core/raster/

Everything compiles without error, but the bindings will not load when 
QGIS starts. I am sure it is something very simple, but I am a 
python/SIP idiot. The problem seems to be centered around the 
QgsRasterShader class. If I comment out the rastershader class in the 
core.sip file and a corresponding line in the qgsrasterlayer.sip file, 
everything compiles and at least loads. Uncomment it, and it compiles 
with out errors but fails to load at runtime.  I have even gone as far 
as to comment out all functions/methods in the qgsrastershader.sip file 
and it  compiles but still does not load. ldd does report many undefined 
symbols but most seems nonsensical, as they are common functions/methods 
in the core.

Again, I am sure it is something very simple. If you can commit to the 
branch, feel free to do so, otherwise send me a patch and I will apply 
the fixes.


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