[Qgis-developer] R: QGIS Building Error

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Mon Jan 28 19:12:32 EST 2008

mhh... Actually I don't know if they are "sane"; In advanced mode I have
about GEOS:

GEOS_INCLUDE_DIR = c:/msys/local/include
GEOS_LIBRARY = c:/msys/local/lib/libgeos.dll.a

Correct CMakesetup configuration is actually a great problem for me; I
posted about it some hours ago, and there are no instructions in the wiki
(excluding few and not very useful ones in



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Does CMake (i.e. ccmake) find your geos install?  When you switch to
advanced mode in ccmake can you verify all "geos" related vars have sane


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> Hi,
> I reported erros building qgis (0.9.1). It reports:
> undefined reference to `geos::io::WKTReader::~WKTReader()
> undefined reference to `geos::geom::Coordinate::~Coordinate()
> Attached the whole error list (txt).
> I created my own MSYS enviroment using GEOS 3.0.0 source code; should 
> I use
> 2.2.3 instead? In this case, can I only re-build GEOS using 2.2.3 
> source code, or do I need to repeat all the instructions in the wiki after
> Thanks,
> Marco

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