[Qgis-developer] CMakesetup not found variables!

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 12:10:22 EST 2008

On Jan 29, 2008 5:55 PM,  <marco.pasetti at alice.it> wrote:
> Hi,
> I deleted pgsql folder in c:\msys\local\pgsql, unpacked again
> postgresql-8.2.4-1-binaries-no-installer.zip in a temp folder, and then
> copied temp\pgsql content (only) in c:\msys\local. After that cmakesetup
> configures automatically finds postgres paths, as follows:
> POSTGRES_INCLUDE_DIR = c:\msys\local\include
> POSTGRES_LIBRARY = c:\msys\local\lib\libpq.dll

Right, postgres is being searched for in c:\msys\local\include - for
header file and c:\msys\local\lib - for library.

> however, I didn't solve yey the problem with grass vars; Now I try with:
> GRASS_INCLUDE_DIR = c:\msys\local\grass-6.3.0RC4\include
> GRASS_PREFIX = c:\msys\local\grass-6.3.0RC4
> intending GRASS_PREFIX as the folder where I "made installed" grass from
> source;
> anyway, I'm trying to understand FindGRASS.cmake in order to discover why
> cmake does not find grass.

When searching for GRASS, it looks for some directories where it could
reside. The first attempt is to use user-specified GRASS_PREFIX,
second attempt is to use c:\msys\local prefix. You don't have to
specify GRASS_INCLUDE_DIR since it will be set automatically when
GRASS has been found.
During the search it looks for header file
(prefix)/include/grass/version.h and looks for several libraries in
(prefix)/lib - e.g. libgrass_gis.dll, libgrass_vect.dll and others.


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