[Qgis-developer] Update of release candidate 1 for project file upgrade

Magnus Homann magnus at homann.se
Tue Jan 29 12:24:02 EST 2008


Due to a misunderstanding, the version string for 0.9.2-rc1-Ganymede had 
a small error, making it impossible to do reliable revison upgrade of 
the project files.

The version string is written into project files, and it is compared to 
the running version of QGIS when reading projects. Depending on the 
version, some transformation takes place. The version string should have 
a format of "a.b.c-text", where only the integers a, b and c are 
involved in the revision comparisons.

The version string that I checked in one hour ago should work much 
better. I would appreciate if as many as possible could re-build 
packages, minimiznig problems in the future.

Magnus Homann

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