[Qgis-developer] qgspostgresprovider cursor bug and patch

Stefanie Tellex stefie10 at media.mit.edu
Tue Jan 29 17:20:00 EST 2008


I'm not sure the best place to post this, so apologies if this isn't the
right forum.  I found and fixed a bug in QgsPostgresProvider.  The bug
occurs when you make two providers that access the same table, and then
try to iterate through the features in each provider in a nested loop.
The provider in the inner loop would never have any features because all
providers use the same cursor name so things would get messed up.

I fixed the bug by adding a providerId member to QgsPostgresProvider,
and appending the id to all cursor names.  The patch is attached,
against version 8091 of https://svn.qgis.org/repos/qgis/trunk/qgis.

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