[Qgis-developer] WMS-Proxy settings broken?

Stephan Holl stephan.holl at intevation.de
Wed Jun 11 05:10:32 EDT 2008

Hallo Marco, Tim,

"Hugentobler  Marco" <marco.hugentobler at karto.baug.ethz.ch>, [20080611
- 10:49:17]

> Hi,
> I only changed the plugin interface, not the WMS dialog/provider
> itself. Afaik, there have been some ui changes in the WMS dialog to
> remove qt3 compatibility classes.
> Centralizing the proxy stuff in options, as suggested by Tim, is a
> good idea. I haven't started with this and I'm quite busy at the
> moment, so if someone feels like implementing this, it would be very
> welcome.

Yes, this is definitely a good idea, but some of my clients do
need the proxy-settings for WMS, it would be good to provide a fix
(since it is broken in 0.10.0 as well) for the current version though.

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