[Qgis-developer] S57 map files

Florian El Ahdab felahdab at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 11:04:13 EST 2009

Hello the lists.

I have been trying to open S57 maps that I use at work in Qgis 1.0.0 without
too much success (I tried a few months ago on a previous version without
success either...).

Fresh new Qgis project
Add a vector layer
Select the XXXXXXX.000 s57 file and click ok.

A new layer appears. Nothing gets displayed in the map window. The
attributes table for the layer is empty (there are some columns available,
but no data). No error is displayed on the console.

Research already conducted:
I have been trying to understand what was happening by browsing qgis and
gdal sources, and writing a python plugin to inspect the layer.
I think I can now say:
- OGR loads the map without any error (the s57 driver is correctly loaded,
and generates no error when given my data file)
- Qgis gets the layer from OGR without error. However, this layer as seen
trough the QgsVectorLayer or the QgsMapLayer interfaces (python plugin to do
that) presents 0 features and no subLayers. The extent is 0,0,0,0.

The file itself is good. I can convert it to Mapinfo or GML with ogr2ogr
even if some layers generate errors (s57 features that can't be converted to
other format I believe). All files that I have tried are used every day in
an ECDIS commercial system so I assume the data to be correct.

So here are my questions:
- has anyone ever worked with S57 and OGR and/or Qgis?
- I believe Qgis doesn't use the S57 sublayers and that's why nothing gets
displayed. Is there any chance that I am right? If I am right, I would like
to help with the implementation for this kind of problem. Can anyone in the
dev team give me directions on where to begin (I have spent some time in the
source and API of both Qgis and GDAL and feel I can contribute here...)

Thanks a lot.
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