[Qgis-developer] Mac build missing QtWebKit.framework

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Sat Jan 31 09:13:43 EST 2009

also seems to crash on my machine (MacBook Pro Intel, Leopard)

Though I have to admit that I am not experienced with using webkit from 
within python/qgis. But I sure will explore webkit in the future. It 
will be very interesting because of its SVG capabilities to display 
interactive graphics within QGIS (e.g. for diagrams, charts, reports, 
etc.). Compared to qts SVG it also supports Javascript for interactive SVGs.

I am happy to try again, if another test build is available.

Thank you for your work, William!


Aaron Racicot wrote:
> Hi there again William,
> Thanks a million for dealing with the webkit stuff and getting it included.
> I just dropped it onto my leopard based mac mini and while qgis loads fine,
> I get a crash when trying to use anything dealing with webkit.  As a simple
> test, I get a crash when doing the following from the python console within
> qgis:
>>>> from PyQt4 import QtWebKit
>>>> x = QtWebKit.QWebView()
> This same simple test works fine on my linux and win box.  It is completely
> possible that it is something related to my setup (again, I am kind of
> lacking knowledge of macs), but could you give that a quick test and verify
> your build succeeds/fails with this test?
> Thanks again, I am excited that we will be able to produce plugins using
> webkit across all platforms!
> Aaron
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> New Qgis OSX package online.  I fixed a problem in the Tiger build  
> where Python wouldn't start, and decided to drop it QtWebKit also.   
> Enjoy.
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