[Qgis-developer] set plugin enabled by default

Stefan Kiefer st_kiefer at web.de
Fri Feb 26 13:48:05 EST 2010

Hi there,
does someone knows if there is a way to set a plugin enabled by default.
My trouble is: when the Plugin gets installed it should be visible to 
the user after startup of Qgis. The user should not be forced to open 
the plugs menu and search for the plugin and activate it.
Is there any way to perform this, probably by modifying the default 
plugins (ftools or plugin_installer). It must work for standard Qgis 
installations, without changing the source code (modifying the python 
code is also not what I really need, but could be a workaround).
Maybe there is a possibility to get the installed plugins and activate 
the one needed?

thanks for your help



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