[Qgis-developer] GSoC proposal: DBManager

Giuseppe Sucameli sucameli at faunalia.it
Tue Apr 5 11:32:25 EDT 2011

Hi devs,

I'd like to attend the GSoC 2011 as student to develop the following idea:

I think PG_manager is a very useful plugin because permits users to get
and run queries on a PG database from within QGis. Furthermore PG_manager
GUI is
very intuitive!
So, at the HF in Pisa (2010.04) I starting to develop SL_manager, based on
PG_manager but working on SpatiaLite databases. Unfortunately I didn't
adapted the
existent code to manage SL databases, instead I forked it.

Now there're 2 different plugins based on the same code and it's very
maintaining both as porting fixes between them and adding new features could

require a lot of time.

There's another plugin based on PG_manager, it's the RT_Sql_Layer plugin
allow users to load a PG or SL layer using whatever select statement.

My aim is to merge both 3 plugins together and create the DB_manager plugin.

First and the most important requirement, the DB_manager plugin *must* be
expandable to manage different kind of databases (e.g. mysql, ...).
I didn't look ahead when I forked PG_manager, but I want to correct my

Second, it should permit an easy management of databases, running common
as create/alter/delete tables, retrieve infos about tables, run queries, ...
Those are implemented in PG/SL_manager yet, but I have to do some changes to

make them more general than they are.

Third, DB_manager should allow to load tables as layer on the QGis canvas
on the contrary, import layers from the canvas into the db.

What is your opinion? Did I miss something?
What other features would you like to see? And what other plugins (if any)
would it be
good to integrate in?

Thanks for your comments.

Giuseppe Sucameli
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