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Patrice VERCHERE patrice.verchere at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 6 10:27:24 EST 2012


First, sorry for my english
Second : 
I've upgraded the python plugin made by Mr Jurgiel "Profile", witch is now able to work with polyline, with on the fly projection of raster, and with multi-band raster. I'm "amateur" developer, and i think i'm quite representative of people who don't know so much about development, but want humbly to contribute ...
I wanted to join Mr Jurgiel to see if there's a place (like git..) where i can find and modify the source. but i found nothing.
Then, readinq qgis web pages, i learned that there is the site "http://plugins.qgis.org/" where plugin can be shared. I registered and shared the plugin. 
also, i decided to create a project under http://hub.qgis.org/projects/qgis-user-plugins, as recommended

So, i've got some questions and remarks :
- If Mr Jurgiel see my post, does he let me the right to share the plugin, whitch is under GNU LGPL ? (Do i need his agreement? - there's a copyright with his name on the top of .py code, what does it involve ?)
- How do i know that the plugin is validated on http://plugins.qgis.org/ ? And if he's not, how do i know why ?
 I think that de validation procedure is quite complicated, everybody should put a plugin on http://plugins.qgis.org/. Maybe enabling comments about the plugin on this page should be a good way to :
     -know if the plugin is good or not, 
     -simply have remarks about the plugin, without opening the tracker procedures. That is simplier for lot of people.
-Then, creating a project on http://hub.qgis.org/projects/qgis-user-plugins, i didn't succeed in creating project within the qgis-user-plugins projet. is it normal ? I 've read that the admin of the site is moving plugin ? Also, how enabling maximum of people to contribute on this plugin ?

To conclude, i'm not a pro, but i have good intentions. if the basic procedure is explained on http://plugins.qgis.org/, some points are not explained, and amateur like me could be quite lost :
how do i know if the plugin shared is validated ? how long does it take ? and if not validated, why ?
how do i create a project within qgis-user-plugins project ?

thank you for your attention and  your answers,
Patrice, France


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